Today I want to write on something that is really the need of the hour and that is spoiling the entire new generation.

I am talking about “drug addiction “.

Today drugs are so easily available and accessible that they easily find their way to the paan wala outside the school. In the recent months I have seen a lot of school kids doing drugs, gone are the days where kids use to brag for a smoke or drink , today the kids are addicted to marijuana and heroine.

This is worrisome for us , as such a young age the kids are addicted to such harsh drugs which can impact their health badly.

Why is this happening?

I feel the lack of challenges in a kid life along with the easy access to money has led to this epidemic of drugs. For us the fun use to be sports and that use to give us a high. Now in the absence of physical activity these poor kids depend on drugs do go high.

If you really want to do anything good to your kid please put him/ her in any sport activity. Sports is one thing that can give you a high without taking any bad addiction.

Things for parents to keep in mind:

– atleast pick 1 sports for your child from a young age .

– let the kid dedicate time to any sport .

– spend the money on the kids sports coaching rather then giving the kid money or credit card in hand.

Involve in daily physical activity with your kids , be a friend to them rather then being a parent.

It’s high time we start looking at recreational activities in a positive way.