Respect Your Passion and Profession!!

This happens to be a sensitive yet one of the most important topics in the FITNESS INDUSTRY. Monetary issues in the Fitness industry are an issue with people, primarily because it’s a skill based profession, and there is no agency or rules for moderation. 

We are in an industry where we work on our skills. We invest a lot in our education, and like any other professional course, invest a lot of time and energy also .So we naturally expect to earn, and grow as well.

However, when it comes to earning, the potential is individualistic and there are no set standards in the industry. There is immense variation in the figures that one can make in this.

We work to make the human body function better. To achieve this goal of functioning it is first important to understand the basics of human body. The right knowledge is important to progress in the right direction. Also, when we work as a trainer, we must understand that the person is entrusting us with his body, his health and we must give the RIGHT advice and guidance to him/her.

Unfortunately a lot of human resource in the industry is still unskilled ,uneducated and self proclaimed and still follow the principals of “GURU JI”.This unskilled human resource is available to the gym owners at a cheaper salary and that’s how the entire salary system in the industry is disturbed.

This also leads to a lot of comparisons. Also ,the results speak a lot ,and that is why people like to take testimonials. But we need to understand that the field of HUMAN BODY, HUMAN ANATOMY is very vast. No two people can have the same results ,as the genetics and each body is different . In fact , comparisons are actually meaningless in this. One must be careful and focused about one’s own self, his progress and his own Fitness goals.

The scenario is changing gradually .There are certifications, and education in the industry .A well qualified professional will definitely deserve a better salary ,but still it will take time to  revolutionize the fitness industry. It will not be done in a day. Rome was not built in a day and so will not be the standards in the industry.

Also ,respect your own knowledge ,and expertise. And expert does not give a free advice. Everything you say will have value and people are willing to pay if they trust you.

Personal training income can be almost 10 times higher than the basic salary of any fitness professional. There is no dearth of work ,and people today are willing to pay a very high amount for the personal training to the trainers.


Few points to keep in mind as a young professional:

  • A certification is a must. Progress the right way.
  • However, a certification doesn’t mean that you know everything. Learning has no end. You must continue to upgrade yourself and keep in sync with the latest developments, as this is a very dynamic industry.
  • You will not be an expert in a 3 month course; it’s going to take years to understand the human body.
  • Follow your ethics and establish professional norms that will eventually help the industry.
  • Health and fitness is an open field and at this time you can innovate and achieve almost anything.
  • Last but not the least, have patience. Don’t run when you are still struggling to walk.
  • The sky is the limit, and you can grow immensely. Be honest to your work!