How To Grow Your Personal Training Business??

Being a Personal Trainer is a job of responsibility. A responsibility, of how to positively impact the current health & fitness levels of the society we live in?  As personal trainers, to change our society positively we first need to change ourselves which will allow us to grow our Personal Training business too.
1} How to start?
To begin the journey of being a good quality Personal Trainer OR Fitness Professional we must first start from educating ourselves & gaining some experience. Minimum education is, that allows a Fitness Professional to design a safe & effective workout program. A workout program that not only keeps Personal Training clients safe but also allows them to achieve results that they are looking for.
I prefer Certified Personal Trainer program by American Council On Exercise OR Certified Personal Trainer program by American College of Sport Medicine.
While one is education himself OR herself, one must also focus on gaining some experience by joining a Health club, Fitness Centre, Fitness Facility OR Workout Studio, to implement the learning that is being done. While gaining experience money shouldn’t be the prime focus, rather it should be to assist people & help them get fitter.
2} Have A Goal:
Education & Fitness: Always have a goal in mind of what you want to achieve education wise OR Physical Fitness wise and keep working towards both with  strong action plans. Remember, never change you pre-decided goals / goal only because it was tough to achieve, first achieve it & then make another goal.
3} Ways of marketing yourself:
I look at three ways to market yourself as Fitness Professional
  • Education: Use social media to promote yourself. Make a good profile with honest information regarding your education & experience. People would always prefer a good qualified & certified Fitness Professional with experience. This eduction can also be used while coaching OR training a member / client because a qualified professional will always talk exercise science & logics.
  • Physical Fitness: The other reason why people would want to train with you is how fit you are  yourself as a Fitness Professional. Fitness shouldn’t only be a part of your profile it should be a part of your physical character. As a Fitness Professional you must look like a role model to people so that they can look upto you. As a Fitness Professional you can even decide to pick a sport that you enjoy playing like:  Soccer, Golf OR Tennis so that your clients OR client can pick a sport too that they are interested in.
  • Word Of Mouth: This is one of the best methods to increase your Personal Training Business. Give the best of training experiences to your existing clients so that they can refer you to their friends & family members. Most of the Fitness Professional are very excited and / OR enthusiastic when they train a client for the first time where as they should be taking every session as their first session with a new client and that will keep excitement & enthusiasm at peak at all times.
4} Keep Upgrading:
With time passing by, new trends outdo old trends and same happens in the Health & Fitness Industry. So, as Fitness Professional let’s not become obsolete & let’s keep upgrading ourselves with the latest trend of the Fitness & Health Industry. Keep a goal of doing one international certification every year, this definitely will increase the value of your profile, also it will keep your clients interested to keep coming back to you to experience what’s new.