Eating at the right time is as vital as eating right

Eating at the right time is as vital as EATING RIGHT. A large number of people suffer  from problems such as indigestion, acidity, flatulence and so many more. The reason, unidentified though, is more often not eating at the right time. The health issues that the people are struggling with today increase manifold with either their lack of discipline towards their meals, or their inability /lack of access to food at the right time due to their busy schedules. Although it is on each individual’s choice to make this change, it is important to understand the need for eating right at the right time.

1) What is the significance of “eating at the right time” in response to “eating right”?
Timing of the food matters as eating at wrong hours or wrong time leads to weight gain. Early morning and post your workout carbohydrate meals are considered excellent whereas eating carbs just before bed will lead to weight gain.
Often seen that the people who follow a nutrition plan tend to eat right,whilst the other people whose heaviest meal is the dinner,with a heavy consumption of carbs at night.

2) Briefly explain the importance of timing while eating.
Timely eating helps your body to use the calories wisely. Your body clock re adjusts according to the timing of food intake i.e you will start feeling hungry around your lunch time since your body has adapted accordingly. Since your liver and muscles are empty in the morning so a high carb meal will help.

3) A few pointers on how to maintain the right time for eating.
Start your day with simple carbs , proteins and fats. Start reducing the carbs as the day ends.
Increase your protein intake by day end.
Make sure to eat at the same time every day. This adjusts your body clock.

4) What are the dos and don’ts for maintaining the right time to eat?
Don’t skip your meals.
Don’t delay your lunch or dinner meals.
Give at least 90 minutes to your food to digest before you sleep or start any kind of physical activity.