Cross Fit Is Here To Stay

In the last few years, CROSS FIT TRAINING have become immensely popular. Owing to innovation and stress free activities, CROSS FITS attracts many a fitness enthusiasts, other than the regular gym goers. It has a lot of benefits, and is catching up as a trend, that is indeed here to stay!

  • What exactly is CrossFit training? How are its exercises different from a regular workout? How are they beneficial?

Crossfit is a brand that promotes a training called cross training where the exerciser performs various exercises with minimum rest or recovery. This type of training is also called metabolic training.

  • What are the different exercises that are included in a CROSS FIT TRAINING program ?

The exercises are more or less the same as a regular workout but cross fit is credited to introduce olympic lifting in their programs.

  • What are the benefits of cross fit training ?

The benefit of doing cross training workout is that it invloves a group of people working out the same exercise and the same program together. This becomes enjoyable ,and the camaraderie amongst the group also increases, which acts as a good motivation. The motivation is comparatively higher as compared to a regular gym workout.

  • CrossFit is a trend and many people are trying it out. But how fit do you need to be in order to adopt this workout routine?

Cross fit is a strenuous workout which requires a lot of skill and effort. Don;t be too fast and join cross fit without learning the basic form and techniques of the exercises. Doing this will invite trouble/injuries as it’s a group based workout and the trainer can not supervise every client personally. 

  • Are there any dangers associated with this workout? Can you talk about them?

There are lot of injuries involved with these kind of training’s , since there is a lot of skill involved and the personal attention towards a specific client is divided so the chances of injuries goes higher. Even if you plan to join a cross training program makes sure to learn the basic form and techniques and then join a bunch of people for box jumps or olympic lifting.

  • What can a person do, or what should a person keep in mind, to minimize risk while doing a CrossFit workout?

As a human we all get excited when we get motivated by fellow colleagues or the trainer. Recognize your limitations and refrain from exercise which might cause injuries or you think is out of your scope now.

The progress may be slow, but you will reach your goal. This training will motivate you and you can push yourself to a higher extent to achieve more. Hence Cross fit training is excellent, as it enhances ones performance a lot, while keeping the enjoyment and the motivational factor alive!