FITNESS TRENDS are changing in the country. Merely started as a synonym for being thin, FITNESS has reached an altogether different paradigm in the recent years. With more and more people adopting fitness in their lives ,the occupations related to fitness have also seen tremendous growth. The face of the gyms has changed. From having a small number of regulars ,dominated by men, today the gyms have a huge number of visitors, and regular members ,irrespective of gender and age .Setting up a gym is an endeavor that requires proper planning ,and strategy. With advancement in technology and equipment’s, people want the best for themselves and don’t wish to settle for less ,when it comes to equipment and facilities.

We give you an insight into this in conversation with the learned and renowned DR Chirag Sethi, Fit India brand ambassador and the director of CLASSIC FITNESS ACADEMY.


Q: In your opinion, how has the face of gyms changed over the years?

-In the last few years people have definitely changed their style of training. Now people have moved from conventional training to more group classes, functional based trainings and are welcoming new concepts in fitness. There has been a complete paradigm shift and people are looking forward to expert training and guidance, when it comes to exercise, food and nutrition.

Q: What are the basics required to put in place a fitness facility in the current times?
-A decent space of 2500 to 10,000 sq ft with accessible approach is one of the basic requirements. The facilities, faculty and good housekeeping also matter a lot, when setting up a new gym.

Q: Would you agree that exercise format preferences have changed among the clients today? More and more people are shifting from conventional training formats to functional training? If yes, why do you think is this change happening?

I do agree to this change. As conventional training becomes a little boring and people want to change it to keep it more interesting. Earlier people were having a conventional school of thought , and chose to stick to one type of training .With change in trends, now people are open to aerobics, yoga, cross fit, TRX training, Zumba and many more activities.  They often combine weight training with some or the other activity, for better results.

Q: Would you rate, the current rage, functional training or freestyle training better than the conventional workout methods? If yes, why? 

I won’t way its better but both the trainings have their own benefits. I would say we should opt for a combination of both.

Q: Is this new found way of more and more gymnasiums introducing freestyle training sessions at their facilities here to stay? Or is it just yet another fitness trend that has become big in the current day? 

Yes, this trend will definitely be staying as it’s something what the client enjoys. People are keen to adopt and learn new things. More and more participation is seen in huge numbers in boot camps, aerobics, cross fit, Kettlebell Training, various other sessions etc.

Q: What is the approximate percentage of space allocated for functional training at any good  fitness centre? On what basis is the allocation of space divided?

Roughly 20 % to 35% of the total area is dedicated to functional training zone, with specific instructors and experts for different activities. This is the need of the hour.

Q: What would be the approximate percentage of members at any of the gyms falling under each of these categories? (% of members using the traditional workout methods and the % of members using the functional group training sessions?
Well it’s a mixed group. 25% people do conventional training, 25% people do functional, and rest do a combination of both. But people are definitely looking forward to different activities and combine them with their basic training methods.