Casein: The Night Warrior Protein

Casein is a form of protein found in mammalian milk making 80% of the cow’s milk and 20-45% of human milk.
Casein is found in cheese, when cheese is manufactured from milk the casein goes with the cheese and the water that is left is whey.
Casein is found in cheese in higher amounts. casein biological value is 77, PER score 2.86 and a PDCAA’S score of 1.

When digested in the body it forms a clot in the stomach and is slowly released into the blood stream. The average time of digestion of casein is about 5-7 hours which makes it a excellent choice during periods of starvation.

When compared to whey the digestion is really slow that is the reason why athlete’s prefer to take these on the days of starvation or around bedtime. This way they get a slow release of amino acids happening all through the night.

Casein supplements are found in 2 types:

1) Calcium caseinate: this is the protein extracted from the insoluble portion of milk and purified in a chemical process. It is considered to be the lowest quality form of casein and is commonly sold as a food ingredient.
It is soluble and does not clot in the stomach so the digestion is comparatively faster.

2) Micellar casein : it is the purest form of casein protein available in the market. It exists in its natural form and is more readily digested and assimilated by the body. The protein forms micelle’s or clumps that are slowly releasing the amino acid in the body.

Micellar casein is labelled as an anabolic, slow-release protein because it gels in the small intestine and is released gradually to the muscles over a six or seven-hour span.
So make your choice wisely when do you want to take the casein supplement.