Building a fitness brand

Building a FITNESS BRAND is not easy. Definitely not, but it is not impossible either. One needs to be very careful and plan a strategy step by step, to make the brand a success.

Firstly it’s important to understand that with so much competition and new brands mushrooming every new day, a specific effort in a direction needs to be put in to establish a brand. Once a specific goal is established, and the objectives defined, it becomes a well planned strategy to work in one direction, which is, to establish the brand.

Nowadays, it is seen in every gym that instead of building their own clients the gyms are keener on keeping an eye on the clients from the next gym. Infact their focus is not on targeting new clients, but their target audience is the member of the next gym! This in no way speaks very high of either the brand or the work ethics.

Also, it is seen that gyms offer very competitive prices as the membership fee, much close to the gym that they consider themselves to be in competition with, to an extent that they may run in losses and may not be able to provide the facilities as promised.

One needs to understand that by selling the membership cheaper or giving free gatorade will not get you more clients .This may attract the few clients initially, and especially the ones who are not very serious about Fitness .However, you can’t retain them for a longer time .They might come for few weeks but they will not continue for a long time.

The strategies have to emphasis on building a community, a group.

The clients should enjoy their workouts and it should not be something that is forced on them. A kid always loves to play even if he is not told to or forced to, simply because he loves to play. Similarly human mind works and learns best when it is a stress free environment, and not imposing on anyone.

Always introduce new and innovative methods in the gyms .Introduce new workout patterns and keep organizing little activities, which will be very attractive to the clients as it breaks the monotony.

Organize small challenges or surprise competitions and incentives for the members.

Make the workout more fun and you will see your clients sticking to your club memberships or personal training program’s because that will be something they enjoy and would like to continue.