Body weight training rescuer for busy individuals

Having trouble finding time for daily exercise from your busy life or keeping up with the routine workout? In today’s busy lifestyle, I see lot of people struggling to manage their time between work, family and other obligations. Many of them want to stay fit and exercise daily but often lack of enough time and energy limit them to follow the same. Optimizing time for any activity hence becomes really important.

One may find it challenging to spend long hours in gym, parks etc. but that should not stop anyone to take out 20-25 minutes every day for exercise as health comes above all. Your busy lifestyle should not come in the way of your fitness goals, as they say; The healthier you are, the happier you feel!

Question now is how do we ensure an effective workout session in the limited time in hand? Well I believe that Body weight training can definitely be a rescuer to help you achieve almost any kind of fitness goal. Intense full body workout t for 20 -25 minutes for 3-4 times in a week is enough if you have a hectic schedule, as you can do that even from the comfort of your home, hence saving on the commute time!

Being able to move your own body in multiple motions is the key to best workout in short time. Body weight training not only increases your metabolism but also helps you achieve better coordination, balance, mobility and stability. It also helps in strengthening the core.

For strength goals, one can use heavier weights gradually for increased execution on muscle groups. Even the high intensity body weight workouts can be managed in short duration. Full body workouts than specific body part workouts can help build more muscles, as there is more wear and tear and hence more repair and rebuild. One is able to burn more calories as more energy is required for multiple muscles workout than individual muscle being worked at one time. Body weight compound exercises such as pull ups, pushups, lunges, squats, plank hit at least 2-3 muscles at one time and help in gaining muscle and burning fat without any hassles of going to gym, use of equipment’s etc.

Let me share some of the tips for an effective body weight training session

  • Pre- plan your workout for the next day that will save your time.
  • Develop a short but very effective workout session that gives you phenomenal results in minimum time.
  • Start with a 2-3 minutes warm up session no matter the workout type
  • Include full body movements for greater intensity as you will be able to get more work done in less time.
  • One day you may give to your upper body, next to lower body and next maybe to full body and so on.
  • Increase the number of reps if you have fat loss as your goal.
  • Change the angle of the movement for greater results
  • Do your scheduled exercises but take minimum rest between the sets so that you sweat more and loose more.
  • Make sure in the end you spare 2-3 minutes for stretching
  • Track your progress so that you know where you stand

A sample circuit for a beginner may include 20 bodyweight squats, 15 second plank, 10 push-ups, 30 jumping jacks, 20 walking lunges (10 each leg), 10 dumbbells rows.

For longer workouts – you may pick up weekends. Make sure that you start with the body weight training under supervision and gradually can move to performing the exercises alone. The better you are able to gain control over your body, the better would be your health. Make sure your workout plan is suitable for you as quick sessions may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Cultivating habit of following some exercise routine is more important than the actual routine itself. One must see exercise as a routine activity like brushing teeth, eating, sleeping and not as a special to do! Make health your priority now and see how amazing you feel every day!