Balancing Workouts

1. What are balancing workouts? Why are they important( how does it effect muscles and overall health)?
Balancing workouts are quite popular these days. They basically challenge your body in an unsupported environment. As the body is in a unsupported environment , the protective mechanism from the body is put in place i.e the activation of your core muscles to protect your spine. This becomes a great way to train our muscles and overall neural system, as your body gets trained for situation like uneven surfaces etc and the tendency to fall is also lower. Along with that you can also activate and train your core muscles

2. A few important balancing exercises in BOSU, TRX
Bosu is an excellent equipment for a balance based workout. We can do a variety of work on BOSU ball including static standing, marching on the bosu ball, one leg lunges and one leg standing.

TRX is a great piece of equipment for unsupported movements. The activation of your core muscles is better when the movement is unsupported. Exercises like pike, plank holds , push ups rowing can be done effectively on TRX.

3. What are Kettlebell workouts? Does balance find a place in this regime?
Kettlebell workouts has originated from russia, its a competitive sports in Russia called Girevoy sports. Its considered as one of the toughest sports in the world. The kettlebell is primarily a endurance based workout but balance workouts can become a part of it. Exercises like turkish get up or a windmill can be incorporated for the same.

4. Are balance exercises important as we age?
As we age our balance and coordination is reduced to a great extent. Mother nature takes away the balance component and it becomes all the more important for us to incorporate balance based exercises for people above the age of 60. Its advisable to start balance based workouts when a person reaches the age of 60.