the need to stretch after a workout

The sports coaches believe that by lifting heavier the athlete will bulk up and the increase in muscle mass will make the athlete inflexible. This is completely wrong , what makes you stiff is the avoidance of flexibility workout or what we call as stretching after the workout.

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Sleep and Its Benefits

Sleep is an important part of your life cycle. Sleep by definition is a naturally recurring state of mind characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles, and reduced interactions with surroundings.

Your sleep is divided into 2 stages NREM & REM.

Non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM):This stage of sleep marks the beginning of a sleep cycle. This stage is further divided into 3 stages

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Hba1c a test that measures your blood sugar for 3 months

Recently we got a query on hbA1c. Although now its a common test but there is still not much information about this test.

hbA1c refers to as glycated haemoglobin, this develops when a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen joins with the glucose in the blood and becomes glycated.

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Building a fitness brand

We all love brands but when it comes to make our own brand we lack behind.

I see it in every gym instead of building their own clients the gyms are more keen on stealing the clients from the next gym. The strategies only follow to get the clients from the other gym to your gym.

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The Evil of Drug Addiction

Today I want to write on something that is really the need of the hour and that is spoiling the entire new generation.

I am talking about "drug addiction ".

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Core Muscles

Core muscles are the most controversial set of muscles. You will see people doing funny things in the name of core training. Let us get down to the basic layering of the core muscles.

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How to choose a personal trainer

Fitness has now become a religion in India, a rage , something that everyone follows but knowledge is limited to only a handful.
Once it was a luxury that only the riches could afford, many of us were still bugged by the pictures we saw of celebrities endorsing their 6 pack abs by the help of their Oh-my-God-expensive personal trainers.

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Balancing Workout

What are balancing workouts? Why are they important( how does it effect muscles and overall health)?
Balancing workouts are quite popular these days. They basically challenge your body in an unsupported environment. As the body is in a unsupported environment , the protective mechanism from the body is put in place i.e the activation of your core muscles to protect your spine.

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Eating at the right time is as vital as eating right

Eating at the right time is as vital as EATING RIGHT. A large number of people suffer  from problems such as indigestion, acidity, flatulence and so many more. The reason, unidentified though, is more often not eating at the right time. The health issues that the people are struggling with today increase manifold with either their lack of discipline towards their meals, or their inability /lack of access to food at the right time due to their busy schedules. Although it is on each individual’s choice to make this change, it is important to understand the need for eating right at the right time.

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Menstruation and Exercise

I often get a lot of questions on menstruation and exercise. I thought it will be easier to write an article and explain how the different phases of menstruation impacts your exercise and performance.
A normal menstruation lasts for about 28 days. It might take more or less days depending on certain factors. But for practical purposes we would look at 28 days for a cycle.
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Food forms the basis of life, and the human life functions well if the fuel is right. We need to understand the importance of the right nutrition. Our ancestor always focussed on eating right. Over the years, a sudden increase in cases of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and even cancer has been seen . Our Ayurveda medicine system keeps the food on the top. So, to fight with any diseases, keep your nutrition right. FOOD has a vital role to play in human life. To gain strength, to fight a disease,to boost immunity ,to achieve a target body shape, the right food, coupled with the right workout gives a desired result.
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FITNESS TRENDS are changing in the country. Merely started as a synonym for being thin, FITNESS has reached an altogether different paradigm in the recent years. With more and more people adopting fitness in their lives ,the occupations related to fitness have also seen tremendous growth. The face of the gyms has changed. From having a small number of regulars ,dominated by men, today the gyms have a huge number of visitors, and regular members ,irrespective of gender and age .Setting up a gym is an endeavor that requires proper planning ,and strategy.

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Now a days a lot of advertisements and rounds of talks are going on about the weight loss SHAKES ,that can be used as meal replacements.

To begin a little informally “"MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE  ?
Are you serious ?Something can replace your meal and you can loose weight also. Are you seriously going to believe it. Some liquid crap cannot replace your meal.”

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Respect Your Passion and Profession

This happens to be a sensitive yet one of the most important topics in the FITNESS INDUSTRY. Monetary issues in the Fitness industry are an issue with people, primarily because it’s a skill based profession, and there is no agency or rules for moderation. 

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Cross Fit Is Here To Stay

In the last few years, CROSS FIT TRAINING have become immensely popular. Owing to innovation and stress free activities, CROSS FITS attracts many a fitness enthusiasts, other than the regular gym goers. It has a lot of benefits, and is catching up as a trend, that is indeed here to stay!

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Cortisol: A friend or an enemy hormone

Cortisol is a gluco-corticoid hormone released from the adrenal cortex of the adrenal gland. It is also known as the stress hormone for various reasons but first lets discuss about the actions of cortisol in the body:

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Deficiency of Vitamin D in Indians

Vitamin D deficiency is ‘pandemic’, yet it is the most under diagnosed and under treated nutritional deficiency in the world.

In India, widely consumed food items such as dairy products are rarely sufficient for Vitamin D needs and in today’s mode of living it is almost a big NO to sun exposure because of which you negate potential benefits of plentiful sunshine. 

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Casein: The Night Warrior Protein

Casein is a form of protein found in mammalian milk making 80% of the cow's milk and 20-45% of human milk.
Casein is found in cheese, when cheese is manufactured from milk the casein goes with the cheese and the water that is left is whey.
Casein is found in cheese in higher amounts. casein biological value is 77, PER score 2.86 and a PDCAA'S score of 1.

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How To Grow Your Personal Training Business??

Being a Personal Trainer is a job of responsibility. A responsibility, of how to positively impact the current health & fitness levels of the society we live in?  As personal trainers, to change our society positively we first need to change ourselves which will allow us to grow our Personal Training business too.

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Body weight training rescuer for busy individuals

Having trouble finding time for daily exercise from your busy life or keeping up with the routine workout? In today’s busy lifestyle, I see lot of people struggling to manage their time between work, family and other obligations.

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Women and Fitness

When it come to fitness most women are unaware of what fitness actually means! We interviewed 100 women to get more insight about this, and it was not a surprise that for most of them being fit meant being thin. They opted for only one form of training as their fitness routine and cardio work out in a dance exercise form was their preferred choice followed by Yoga .

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Essentials of Weight Management & Supplementation

Classic Fitness Academy provides you a complete nutrition course that helps you in understanding about Indian nutrition needs.

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Types of Protein Supplements

Whether you are a professional strength athlete or one of the fitness enthusiasts, you must have heard about the benefits of consuming protein supplement.  However, not many understand the difference between different forms of protein present in that box. So, here is all the information that will help you to understand and choose the right box for yourself.

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